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Huilend kind op schoot wordt geprikt

Half a century NIP

Over the years, many childhood diseases have been wiped out. 60 years ago most children contracted measles, rubella and mumps.

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Man eet kroket voor een foto van een kind dat ijs eet

A guide to health

At four-year intervals since 1993, RIVM has published the Public Health Status and Forecast Report in the Netherlands.

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Persoon meet luchtkwaliteit met mobiele telefoon

Improving air quality

RIVM investigate the impact of air pollution on people and the environment. Our work on air quality is wide ranging.

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Kinderen spelen op het schoolplein

Cooperating for healthy schools

Healthy children in a healthy school environment perform better. RIVM is active in promoting the Healthy School concept.

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Paarse nanodeeltjes

Nanotechnology opportunities and risks

Nanotechnology has unknown potential but as yet too little is known about the risks.

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People in front of the arrival of an airport with a balloon with text Welcome home

Alert for new infectious diseases

There is increasing concern about emerging infectious diseases. New diseases can be imported by travel, through food, animals and other products.

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Kraan met sop

Monitoring the safety of consumer products

Everyday products are made with industrial chemicals. RIVM knowledge about the risks of substances makes consumer products safer.

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Man in tuin leest de krant met op de achtergrond een langsrijdende trein.

Birds or traffic noise

Traffic noise and noisy neighbours are the main sources of noise hindrance in the Netherlands. RIVM investigates the impact

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Twee vrouwen van middelbare leeftijd eten een salade op een terras

Population screening for breast cancer

The population screening for breast cancer prevents some 775 deaths annually.

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Jongeren roken voor een muur met graffiti

Cigarette additives

Substances are added to tobacco products to enhance the taste of cigarette smoke, such as sugar, liquorice and cacao.

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Mannen in beschermende pakken meten iets in een emmer

Environmental Incident Service

RIVM Environmental Incident Service is on call 24/7 and responds to incidents and disasters.

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Joggende vrouwen in een park

Recognised lifestyle intervention

An intervention database by RIVM and its partners gives health promotion professionals access to recognised lifestyle interventions.

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Twee meisjes wassen hun handen voor een spiegel

Toolkits on public communication

Information about lifestyle and diseases is essential for everyone. RIVM has developed a number of toolkits, for instance a toolkit on hand hygiene.

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Man kookt eten en bekijkt recept

Our food, our health

What does the Dutch population eat? How healthy is the Dutch diet? How has the diet changed over the years?

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Mensen bellen mobiel bij een bushalte terwijl een oudere vrouw langs loopt met een rollator

The strength of knowledge sharing

RIVM is continually looking for professional partners in knowledge platforms and networks.

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Still uit de film Wat doet het RIVM?

RIVM in brief

A film about RIVM commitment to health and a clean and safe environment.

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