Monitoring safety consumer products

The safety of consumer products

Everyday products, such as household cleaners, clothes, paint, children’s toys, cosmetics and glues, are made with industrial chemicals. Through the use of such consumer products, people can be exposed to substances that could pose potential health risks.

RIVM model European standard

RIVM expertise on the risks of substances and products is recognised nationally and internationally. RIVM has developed the ConsExpo model that has become the standard method in Europe to support experts in assessing consumer exposure. The model is also used by national authorities, institutes and companies in countries, such as Canada, Australia and South Korea.

Preventing and limiting damage

The extent to which people are exposed to substances in consumer products depends on a range of factors. For instance, the place where the product is used and also the substance properties, extent of exposure and individual sensitivity. On the basis of information obtained from the ConsExpo model, governments and companies can take measures to prevent and limit damage, such as replacing a certain substance in a product. In this way, RIVM contributes to knowledge about the risks of substances to make consumer products safer.

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