The strength of knowledge sharing

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Is electromagnetic radiation from my mobile phone harmful? Are my concerns about electromagnetic fields from wind turbines in my neighbourhood justified? The Knowledge Platform Electro-Magnetic Fields and Health provides answers to such questions and concerns about potential health effects of electro-magnetic fields. RIVM is continually looking for   professional partners in knowledge platforms and networks. Here are two examples of knowledge networks and platforms in which RIVM is active or has a contributing role.

Healthy urban living

The Knowledge Centre on Healthy Urban Living provides integrated knowledge to enable people to live healthy, long and independent lives in clean, sustainable and prosperous towns and cities. Five well-known Dutch organisations (TNO, RIVM, KNMI, Utrecht University and Deltares) have combined expertise to find solutions to complex everyday issues in urban areas. This information benefits governments, companies and citizens, nationally and internationally.

Safe use of biocides

RIVM participates in the Biocide Knowledge Network, an independent network of producers, suppliers, professional users, representatives of government and consumer organisations. For instance, biocides are used  in disinfectants, in preservatives and in pesticides. By working together, the Knowledge Network ensures the right substance is used at the right time and in the right way.

Healthy Urban Living turns a societal  challenge into an economic opportunity by sharing knowledge on healthy living in urban areas with the private sector.

Remco van Lunteren | Vice Governor, Infrastructure, Economics and Finance | Province of Utrecht

To the website www.kennisplatform.nl (Dutch only)

To the website www.kchul.nl (Dutch only)

To the website www.kennisnetwerkbiociden.nl (Dutch only)

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