Toolkits on public communication

Information about lifestyle and diseases is essential for everyone as knowledge about health risks and information about what you can do yourself often helps to prevent problems. However, information on the internet or via other channels is not always understandable, clear and complete. So, RIVM together with other partners in public health have developed a number of toolkits.

Communication tools

A communication toolkit can include films, photos, posters, sample letters, presentations and questionnaires on a specific theme, for instance a toolkit on hand hygiene. The toolkits are on the RIVM website and are easy to download. They are designed for anyone who needs to provide information about disease and care, such as Community Health Services,  youth health organisations, schools and pharmacists.

There are toolkits for all types of themes, such as health problems caused by the oak processionary caterpillar, prevention of hearing damage, cold and flu prevention and also health problems caused by extreme weather conditions and air pollution.

More about toolkits (Dutch only)

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